Friday, June 15, 2012

How chocolate is made

Let's watch this video and take notes on how chocolate is made.

Now write an explanation. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Narrative writing

Narrative writing task
Let's view this video together, brainstorm a narrative piece of writing and then write straight onto our blogs. You can then proof-read/edit your writing and then publish it.
You will then receive feedback and feedforward from your peers, teachers and hopefdully your family and then re-work your writing to make it even better!

Explanation writing

Monday, October 31, 2011


My uncles are in the Philippines.
By Carl

My uncle lives in Thailand he sometimes visit us he byes lots of stuff from Thailand.
By Katherine.

I like my uncle because they give me presents and money. They let me play on their xbox360
By Boston

My uncles give me money and buys me special stuff my uncles are my Santa.
By Jahmin

My uncle is the best because we do a lot of stuff together.
By Desmond

One of my uncles live up in opua.The other one lives in Australia.The other one also lives in Australia. By Brooke


My uncles cool because he always buys me stuff and money.
By Maia
My uncles lives in Australia its sad and bad at the same time and I really want to go visit them.
By Ariana
Uncle Josh acts like me.
By christian


I like uncles because they take you somewhere they like.
By Trinity

My uncle is shy and he lives in Palmerston North with my aunty. He has a shy side and has the same name as a computer. He lives with a cat Feodor and a dog called chewy.
By Ella

My uncle, Dug -dug is in a family of four. Sue- sue, Dug-dug, Tom and Miles is the family of four. That is one of my uncles.
By Loren

uncles are really cool because they play with you.
By Katie


Bold head makes paper stuff with me. He gets up at night and eats all the lollies
by Camille
My uncle is a funny. he prank calls my brother. he was playing cricket and I went to go get the ball behind him and he hit me in the head with the bat now I have a scar on my eye brow
by Alannah
my uncle is funny and he plays with me and we sometimes make funny stuff

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Birthdays are fun because you get presents also your frends came over to play and have a sleep
over birthdays are really, really awesome.
By Victoria.

I like going to birthdays because you get lot's of presents, treats and also having friends come over to have fun and to have a sleep over.
By Trinity.

ice cream, yummy
huge presents
day of your life!
a special day
your in charge!

By Brooke


Best, interesting, random, to much people, hiding, drama, awesome, yum.
by Megan


Big surprises
Interesting presents
Really cool
Day of your life
A special day
Yummy cake and snacks
So exciting

By Ella

Cake and more fun

By Camille

Best day ever
To cool
Hot and happy
Days that are fun

By Christian

Yummy cake
Happy birthday!

By Desmond.